Water Technology

pool tech

Sanitisation is the most important factor when maintaining the health of your pool.

Rain water, leaves, dirt and swimmers raise the level of bacteria which can harm your health. Chlorine is the most popular way to sanitize your pool and is recommended by the Health Department.

Salt water pools still use chlorine. Salt water chlorinators convert the salt crystals into a chlorine gas. Salt water chlorinators operate automatically and are cost effective to run. Alternatively you could add the chlorine by hand which sometimes suits smaller portable pools but it is messy and quite labour intensive. Once you have the sanitisation process organised it’s time to chemically balance the water.

The chemical balance is determined by using a four in one testing kit to ensure your  water is made up of:-

  • pH ( acidity / alkalinity level) is 68%
  • Total Alkalinity is 16%
  • Calcium Hardness is 16%

The combination of Sanitisation and Chemical balance will ensure your pool is sparkling clean with perfect clarity.

The Easy Option

Liquid Chemical Feeders are the answer for busy pool owners. They contain a sensor probe that automatically measures the chlorine and acid levels in the pool then injects the pool with just the right amount to maintain the health of the water.  These systems are highly sophisticated and will maintain the balance through changes in temperature and water levels – perfect for spas and heated pools.

There are a number of Liquid Chemical Feeders on the market – talk to Marcus about working smarter not harder and finding the right  one for you.