With Tranquil Pools and Landscapes you will have the luxury of holidaying at home all year round. You will take comfort knowing that the investment you have made has added value to your home and will have the peace of mind that you and your family are in a safe, clean yet low maintenance environment.

Fibreglass Pools

We install the only fibreglass pool that meets all the Australian standards with an A pass mark. North Coast Fibreglass Pools are manufactured using the best quality.


Concrete Pools

swimming pool builders

With the intense beauty that he sees in the natural land and seascapes Marcus has been inspired to create beautiful pools and surrounds complementing what nature has provided for us.


Lap Pools


For fitness in your own time and in the privacy of your own home Lap Pools are increasing in popularity. Designed to fit long narrow spaces they are a perfect fit along the side of your home. Check out our Lap Pool range for North Coast Fibreglass pools here

Plunge Pools

Swimming in villa

Small space? No challenge.

Plunge Pools are a compact (the average size is 5m x 2m) in shape and perfect for Villas or homes with a small yard. Depending on the design we can create a pool that gives the illusion of space while being compact. Check out our Plunge Pool range for North Coast Fibreglass pools here

'Free Form' - Negative Edge


No Interruptions!

Free form or wet edge pools are perfect for an uninterrupted view. Cool and clean they can create a link between your pool and the ocean or become part of a rainforest vista. Combines with a glass fence nothing will come between you, your pool and your beautiful view.