Private, peaceful a sanctuary just for you or to share. Gardens truly make a house a home whether your taste is formal and classical or natural and neutral we can design and construct your personal oasis. Entertaining, playing or peace and quiet rooms in gardens can be created. Taller trees, retaining walls, hedges give the room privacy and a feeling of security.

Join your rooms together with meandering pathways, Stepping stones, gravels or pebbles. Stairways and timber walk ways will entice you take a stroll through this natural creation of colour and texture.

Beautiful foliage, bright colourful flowers mingled with shiny waxy leaves plants induce a feeling of well being. We will assist you to select plants appropriate to your soil type and climate to ensure a lush healthy garden. Water features, making the most of views and vistas, carvings or objects d’art can add interest and sounds that calms your senses. They also create a focal Point to your design and garden theme.